City of Surrey Connector

  • Connecting City Centre to Guildford Town Centre with a green, multi-modal collector road
  • Acquiring over 5 acres of adjacent high quality, bio-diverse natural areas, increasing the overall size of Hawthorne Rotary Park by 1.0 acre
  • Incorporating and protecting approximately 450 trees through the acquired properties, resulting in a 200 net increase in trees within the Park
  • Adding 500 replacement trees planted within the corridor boulevards, providing a total net increase of 700 trees throughout the project area
  • Removal of the existing parking lot and greening of the space with a grass field for picnics and play
  • Enhancing environmental and biodiversity elements within the Park, including new wetlands and a salmon rearing habitat
  • Customizing the corridor to provide maximized boulevard design for large street tree growth, above-standard space for cyclists and pedestrians, and new Park access points for neighbours.