105 Connector Hawthorne Park

Project Name: 105 Connector Hawthorne Park

Project Location: 105A Avenue, Surrey

Client: City of Surrey

Duration: Jan 2018– Aug 2018

Value: 11 Million

Scope: Excavation, waterworks, ESC works, high voltage electrical and roadworks

Project Description: Site clearing, over excavation of peat and replace with pumice/lightweight fill wrapped in Geotextile fabric, 900m of 600mm HDPE watermain, 80m of concrete culverts, dewatering, ESC works, 900m of 2-land road, 1,650m of concrete curbs, 5,900m2 of concrete and asphalt sidewalks, asphalt paving, pedestrian bridges connecting trail systems and crossing Bon Accord Creek, landscaping creating pond and wetland area, street lighting.