Ferguson Road Realignment Civil and Electrical Works

Vancouver Airport Authority awarded Ferguson Road Project to Tybo contracting value of $14 million.

The Ferguson Road Phase 2 project involves the construction of an approximately new 2.6km road between West Dyke Road and McDonald Road to facilitate the realignment of Ferguson Road.  The paved roadway consists of three lanes (two travel and one median for future left turn) and cyclist shoulders on both sides.  North of the roadway, a 4.0m multi-use pathway (MUP) is proposed and separated from the roadway by a grassed boulevard/swale; the MUP borders the Sean Island Conservation Area (SICA) boundary and is delineated by split rail fencing.  South of the roadway, a drainage ditch is proposed to capture all roadway drainage.  The project includes the installation of two 450mm watermains and associated appurtenances, box culverts at Shannon Road and west of McDonald Road, other drainage infrastructure, and electrical and communication infrastructure.  The roadway footprint is currently being preloaded.