Gilbert Road South Dike Upgrades
Earthworks, Roadworks

Project Name: Gilbert Road South Dike Upgrades

Project Location: Richmond, BC

Client: City of Richmond

Duration: March 1st 2019 to October 31st 2019

Value: 4.8 Million

Scope: Upgrades to the existing dike including raising the dike from approximately 3.3 m ELEV to 4.9 m ELEV, removal and reconstruction of Dyke Road, abandonment of existing 200 mm PVC watermain, construction of a new drainage ditch, and related landscaping works.


Project Description: 678 m of dike raising along Dyke Road including import of dike fill; Isolation, dewatering and infilling of 640 m length of existing drainage ditch; 530 m of ditch construction north of the dike; 4,700 m2 of Dyke Road reconstruction with timber bollards, and 2.5-3.6 m wide multi-use trail; abandonment of 730 m of existing 200 mm diameter PVC watermain and landscaping.