Hinge Park

Hinge Park was the welcoming Center for the Atheletes at Olympic Village during the 2010 winter Games. Tybo awrded the Contract to Construct the $7 million park by the City Of Vancouver. As this land has a storied industrial history in the beginings of vancouver as city many of the features presented in the parks construction were salvaged from the land such as the steal structures, the recycled concrete retaining walls and Railroad tracks. The project required the remediation of 8000 m3 of soil and removal of existing piles.

The Man made River is designed to except all the stormwater run off from the Olympic Villaige and carry it out to False Creek during heavy rainfalls. The intricate pumps and underground recirculation sysytem keep the river flowing year round when no stormwater is available.

Hing park is now home to many different species of Wildlife, including Geese, Sea Otters and many types of fish.