SE-MI-AH-MU/Tybo – Construction Joint Venture

Tybo Contracting has long enjoyed a healthy working relationship with Indigenous People of British Columbia.  We see a long future ahead continuing to work with First Nations providing job opportunities.  Recently Tybo Contacting has partnered with the Semiahmoo First Nations and has inked a joint venture together.

We will be providing education and training for supervision, traffic control, pipelaying, grades man and more.  The joint venture is owned by First Nations.


Letter from Semiahmoo First Nations

Letter from Semiahmoo First Nations



Semiahmoo Geographically

The Semiahmoo First Nation Reserve covers an area of approximately 385 acres of land.   This land borders White Rock, South Surrey and the US border.  The Reserve is bound by Marine Drive to the north, Highway 99 to the east and to the south follows the Semiahmoo Bay coastline.

The Little Campbell River travels westward through the District of Langley and Surrey just above the US border then drains into Semiahmoo bay bisecting the site.

McNally creek is the only tributary flowing into the river on the site from the north.  The Little Campbell River watershed extends to the east as far as Langley, to the north into South Surrey and to the south as far as Blaine, WA.



Semiahmoo First Nations

Semiahmoo First Nation is located in South Surrey bordering with both Surrey and White Rock and US to the south. Semiahmoo historically occupied all of Boundary Bay from Blaine to Point Roberts.

Semiahmoo oral history and archeological studies state they have inhabit this traditional territory since the end of the last major flood in this area (approximately 8-12,000 years), flourishing with the abundance of shellfish and salmon that frequent the bay.  Until contact and epidemic that almost eradicated the people as well as international border separating them and moving them onto current reserve boundaries.

Currently the population of Semiahmoo members only numbers at 90 registered members. The current elected Chief and council are Harley Chappell (chief), Joanne & Roxanne Charles (council) as well as an Economic development board Willard Cook (president) and Kevin Cook and Joanne Charles (board members). Tybo/Semiahmoo joint venture was developed in spring of 2017 to promote development opportunities for both organizations. As well as bridge the gap between aboriginal and non- aboriginal business.

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